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Student Loans, Scholarships, and Financial Aid

We are committed to attracting the best students from around the world, regardless of their financial circumstances.

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At Qatar Foundation, we offer a range of scholarships and need-based financial aid options for students. Our admissions are always need-blind and we remain committed to attracting the best students from around the world, regardless of their financial needs.

Our loans are interest-free and include an option for repayment through working at one of hundreds of approved organizations in Qatar.

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Financial Aid:





Students at any of the universities in Education City have access to multiple sources of funding. These options can be availed individually or combined to supplement their financial needs.



In order to avail our funding opportunities, you’ll need to make an account and fill out the application at QF’s Financial Aid System, which will help us get a better understanding of what solution suits you most.

You can download the guidelines for the Financial Aid System below, in addition to other forms you’ll need to fill and upload on the system.



Arranging for university finances can often be stressful and confusing. To help ease some of your worries, we’ve prepared some answers to the most common questions we receive from students and parents.

If you still have any outstanding questions or concerns, send us an email at and we’ll help you any way we can.

Financial Aid Student Loan

A need-based loan that gives undergraduate students who are studying within Education City an equal opportunity to receive a quality university education.

QF Merit-Based Scholarship

Undergraduate students who have completed two semesters of academic study in Education City with an outstanding GPA can apply for this highly competitive merit scholarship.